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Daily events may include participating in a farming activity, creating herbal products, learning about herbs, participating in various health building classes - herbal uses, polarity therapy, yoga.  Some choose a reclusive nature immersion experience, some are looking for more community connection within the context of a farming venture that values growing health in addition to growing plants.  When this is the case, there is a collaborative effort to learn about eating well, conscious menu planning and  food preparation as a community.


Specific programs will be announced, as scheduled, to those who sign up for my newsletter (scroll to bottom of page!). If there is a program you are interested in offering at our venue or would like to see offered here, please let us know.

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Dear Prospective SpiritWorks Farmer and Wellness Seeker,


I am happy to offer individualized learning experiences for interested students and look to create a meaningful stay for all who come here.  If you are a student, we will coordinate your practicum or internship program with your school to help you to get credit for your learning here.  Our location and activities offer a broad diversity of valuable learning and life experiences.


On this website and you will find details about the homestead, who we are, our farming practices, current focus for the coming season, living accommodations and our lifestyle, other related opportunities, the area, fun stuff, and a few things to note.


OUR PREMISE: Nature is the leader and task master regarding the focus of what needs to get done and the timing of various activities.


OUR FOCUS:  To create an educational immersion with nature experience that honors individual needs and stamina.  In order to balance individual experience with farm needs:

I ask each person to take responsibility for clarifying their individual needs and for pacing themselves.

We offer sufficient living spaces for those we accept to live here and work the land and for wellness immersion farm stays.

We build a community where the individual work load allows for ample personal time for self-directed research into herbs, farming, and health building while providing time to enjoy this most beautiful part of the world, the Crown Jewel of North America, Glacier National Park.  Those present and their work ethic will determine what the balance can look like.


OUR FARMING PRACTICES embrace the philosophies of organic farming, crop diversity, companion planting, permaculture concepts, soil health, sustainability, wildcrafting, learning from research and observation, listening to nature and to each other.


OUR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT is based upon clearly identified individual learning goals supported by a self-directed learning and community integrated approach that is evident in how we approach our daily tasks, visits to other farms, individual research, and sharing our insights with each other and our community.  


We will expand our knowledge and practices regarding the cultivation, harvest and use of medicinal foods and herbs both by research and observation, exploring how to incorporate herbs into our menus for taste and therapeutic benefits, and share these learnings with each other and our community.


OUR EDUCATIONAL FOCUS is on the cultivation and preparation of medicinal foods and herbs and sharing this learning with each other and our community.  

Thank you for your interest - Lindy (owner, SpiritWorks Herb Farm)

student interns ≈ week and month-long educational and wellness immersion retreats

“I worked on Lindy's land for 6 weeks in July and August 2014. My experience was one of deep learning and inner transformation. Her extensive background in organic farming and the healing arts allows her volunteers to learn a variety of things, about the earth, the plants, energetics, and themselves. I would recommend Lindy's place for those who are intelligent, self-directed, independent, curious, playful and diligent learners and workers. Upon arrival, she asks you to create a list of your reasons for being there: your personal goals, what you would like to leave behind and what you would like to take with you. This self-inquiry sets the tone for the experience, as every action and project can be a learning experience if you allow yourself to reflect on the ways you show up moment to moment. It was great to see what was created in my time there. I learned beautiful lessons about the power of creation and manifestation. I would be happy to speak with people about my experiences and answer questions about my time there.”



"My time at SpritWorks was transformative: learning about sustainable agriculture, living in harmony with the land and nature, exploring the great landscapes of Northwestern Montana, working alongside people on the same journey of discovery; rediscovering my own work ethic and sense of self. Can't wait to go back!"    



"I cannot begin to express my experience at SpiritWorks Herb Farm, but it was truly powerful, and I am grateful for the time I spent on Lindy's farm. Working for Lindy will require you to draw upon unexpected wells of selflessness, learning to put the farm's and your peers' needs before your own. Lindy has an inspiring level of energy for everything she does, and expects that level of energy and enthusiasm from everyone on the farm. On SpiritWorks you will learn much about permaculture, herbal remedies (among other ways of physical and spiritual/emotional healing), and a variety of general farming practices. You will get to see other farms in the area, and learn from the community as a whole. You will learn how much one very determined person can do, and (when asking for help) how much a community can accomplish. I think it is a good idea to really consider why you want to be a part of this experience, what you're expecting to give to the community, and what you're honestly expecting in return for it."



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