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SpiritWorks Herb FARM

Our herb farm features a 63 foot herbal mandala in the shape of a triskelion, the celtic spiral of life.  It holds the energetics of the three principles that govern what happens here - learning, farming, building health.  The orientation of the mandala supports the dynamic of bringing spirit down into form and life experience.

To visit the farm website, CLICK HERE

We are located in NW Montana (short growing season). Our garden goal is to develop a diverse expanded season,

organic food source; that has hard to find valuable heirlooms, health boosting foods, and a diverse variety of medicinal herbs.

All this with a flavor of functional rustic homesteading that embraces an eye for balance, beauty and whimsy. We offer opportunities for learning how to do homesteading and agricultural projects with what is available or can easily and inexpensively be found or recycled - embracing the yankee value of “Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without.” 


Our natural and organic agricultural practices incorporate companion planting, raised beds, intensive wide row planting and design with function and beauty. Our venue has been created with an artistic flare using plants for paints and the land for a canvas. Sounds corny, but a visit here reveals the truth of this. I have been gardening most of my life in Northern New England and am newly researching and experimenting with what grows well here in Montana and incorporating some newly learned permaculture concepts. 

The property is a dedicated healing sanctuary with peaceful paths and access to healing arts for those interested. I am willing to teach and offer health building resources that will stretch and expand your wellness and vitality.

This link to my healing arts practice website provides information to serious candidates. 

Our ten acre property includes a beautiful meadow and forest land with paths for walking, running, snow shoeing, and

cross country skiing.  We have a screamer of a sledding hill for winter thrills.  


We are located about midway between downtown Whitefish and downtown Kalispell, Montana.

Glacier National Park is 30 minutes away.

Outdoor recreational and cultural opportunities here are diverse and awesome! 

Our agricultural venture on this land began in 2014 now incorporates our newly completed Retreat Center.

Our goals are to maximize productivity on this land, build health with our lifestyle choices, 

learn about and teach others the value of natural herbal health, and

to live in community with each other, simply and intimately with nature  -

all supported by a sustainable, simple, hard working, focused community lifestyle.

"Love the serenity, natural beauty of the farm and the clean and comfortable accommodations. . Highly recommend staying here! Easy access to Glacier National Park and the airport."

- Ellyn Sollars

"I really enjoyed my first trip (of many future trips) to SpiritWorks! What a beautiful farm! A huge and varied array of vibrantly healthy plants. Reasonably priced. But the thing I loved the most was the obvious love that has been poured into every square inch. The warm family style welcome I received from Lindy and Jake (the dog) will have me returning for more plants.....maybe some baby chicks in spring...Herbology classes anyone? There is a lot going on to love!"

- Sheri Corriher

"Thank you for letting us tour your beautiful garden and retreat center! I loved what you have built, and am looking forward to seeing what it will become!
It was very inspiring to be able to spend the day at SpiritWorks!!"

- Ai Yuasa-Green

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